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Rehabilitation Center | How To Prevent A Discharge From A Long-Term Facility

Dec 8


There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with a discharge from a long-term facility. Whether the release is minor or catastrophic, it can significantly impact your business. This article will discuss the different types of shots and provide tips on preventing them. We’ll also advise you on how to deal with a discharge if it does occur. Are you ready to stay ahead of the curve? Let’s get started!



What is a care transition/discharge program?

A care transition/discharge program refers to a coordinated set of services and supports that help individuals and families as they enter or leave long-term care. This may include assistance with finding a home or community-supported living arrangement, arranging for medical appointments, coordinating financial resources, providing support during transitions, and ensuring continuity of care. A care transition/discharge program is a coordinated system that helps patients and their caregivers adjust to the end of their hospital stay. It provides support, including finding appropriate after-care services and equipment, making medical appointments, finding a home or community-supported living arrangement, coordinating financial resources, and more.

Why do patients in long-term facilities need a care transition/discharge program?

Patients in long-term facilities need a care transition/discharge program to help them adjust to their new surroundings. The program allows the patient and family members to understand what is expected of them during the discharge process and provides resources to support them. A care transition/discharge program is essential for long-term facility patients because it helps them transition to their homes, community, or another care setting. It also ensures they receive the necessary services and support during their discharge from the facility. The patients ‘ family members are vital to the care transition/discharge program and should be informed about their loved one’s needs and expectations.

How does the Silverside discharge program work?

The Silverside discharge program provides coordinated care for seniors receiving long-term care services from Silverwood Manor. The discharge team includes a social worker, nurse practitioner, case manager, and physician.
The goal of the Silverside discharge program is to help seniors transition smoothly from their long-term care home to their own home or another type of community living arrangement. Discharge planners work with seniors and family members to develop a personalized plan that meets the needs of each individual.

During the discharge process:

-The social worker helps family members understand the available care home and long-term care services.
-The nurse practitioner provides personalized healthcare recommendations, including medication reviews and screenings.
-The case manager assists with finding appropriate housing, accessing transportation resources, and coordinating financial assistance.
-The physician provides comprehensive discharge instructions and health checklists to help seniors prepare for their new lifestyle.
– The team works together to ensure a smooth and successful discharge.

Silverside will work with your healthcare team to help arrange for appropriate after-care and support services if you are discharged from the hospital due to a care transition. We can also provide information on local resources that may be helpful during this time.

What are the requirements of the Silverside discharge program?

The Silverside discharge program is a voluntary, coordinated system for arranging timely and effective care and services for individuals leaving acute care hospitals or long-term care facilities. The program emphasizes the need to create an individualized plan of care that considers the person’s strengths, resources, and goals.

To be eligible for the Silverside discharge program, you must meet these requirements:
– You must be discharged from an acute or long-term care facility.
-You must have a discharge plan approved by your health care provider.
-You must provide written consent to participate in the Silverside discharge program.
-You must have enough resources to make your discharge as smooth as possible.
– You must be willing to participate in the program.

If you are discharged eligible and decide to participate in the Silverside discharge program, your healthcare provider will work with you to create a plan of care that meets your needs. In addition, the Silverside discharge team can provide information and assistance during this difficult time. The goal is for you to be able to live at home or in a community setting after leaving the hospital or facility.

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How is the Silverside discharge program administered?

The silverside discharge program administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs provides supportive care and transitional assistance to veterans to help them return home quickly and successfully. The Silverside discharge program is designed specifically for returning veterans who have difficulty accessing traditional VA benefits or are facing significant challenges due to a physical or mental health condition. The program offers coordinated support from a team of specialists, including case managers, psychiatrists, social workers, and rehabilitative therapists.

In addition to the comprehensive care and support offered through the Silverside discharge program, veterans can also receive referrals to other VA-sponsored programs and services, such as vocational rehabilitation or health care. This coordinated system aims to help returning veterans get back on their feet as quickly and efficiently as possible, so they can begin rebuilding their lives.

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When should you use a care transition/discharge program?

Assistance with finding affordable and safe housing – Assistance with obtaining medical coverage – Guidance from social workers on how to transition back into the community – Assistance with finding a job and getting started in the new economy – Community engagement opportunities – Assistance with accessing benefits and services available to veterans – Assistance with accessing benefits and services available to people who are homeless – Assistance with accessing benefits and services available to people with addictions – Assistance with accessing benefits and services available through the Canadian Regional Service Corporation (CRS) – Access to health care from local Silverside Veterans Affairs Health Centre providers – Assistance with accessing education and training opportunities – Support groups for veterans, their families, and friends – Assistance with filing claims for benefits – Referrals to other VA programs and services The Silverside discharge program is designed to provide comprehensive assistance to those leaving the military. The program can help people find affordable and safe housing, obtain medical coverage, access benefits and services available through CRS, get started in their new community, and more.


When should you use a care transition/discharge program?

A care transition/discharge program can be helpful when a loved one is preparing to leave the hospital or nursing home. The program helps family members and caregivers plan for the person’s release, provides information about services available in the community, and offers support during the discharge process. If you are a family member or caregiver of a person receiving care in a hospital or nursing home, consider contacting your facility’s care transition/discharge program. The program can provide you with information about services available in the community and support during the discharge process.


The Silverside Care Transitions/Discharge Program is effective in helping residents make the transition from hospital to home. The program provides resources and support for patients and their families, aiming to ensure a smooth and stress-free discharge. The program is efficient and effective in meeting the needs of residents, and its adaptability makes it well-suited for use in different settings.


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